Introduction: Deshi

Who are you?
I am Deshi McDorgle, pirate radio guy for 25 years, phone phreak till that died out. general jack of all trades master of few. Worked in IT for about 15 years burned out working for others so I became a mechanic and now do sec work as a hobby. Became disabled 5 years ago so I spend a lot of my time farting around online and setting up CTF events. Spend time at Defcon, in the past Toorcon, and Phreaknic, and HOPE a few times.

Can you program if yes what languages?
Yeah but nothing from pure scratch since basic/qbasic/8088 assembler which I did not keep up with for 8086/x86. I am pretty good with php/html5/css/sql and I been messing around a lot with python for a lot of projects.

How did you find us?
Well I was a contributing member/co-founder of another group and got tired of the drama and followed greygod into IRC on 0x00sec one night and pretty much stuck around.

How long have you been interested in infosec/computers?
Well shit since the early 80’s when I got my Apple IIC and 600 baud modem. Been into security for the last 25 years, went to University of Wisconsin for Computer science specializing in network security.

Why are you here?
I hang around to mostly have conversation about tech and random weird things. Keep my time filled with projects and finding interesting articles to read and exploits to test out. I am also around to bring quality CTF events.


It’s nice to see you finally introduce yourself on the forum :wink:

You got any ideas for really cool upcoming projects?

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man i have so many ideas it aint even funny my brain is always thinking. I am just good at organizing not the best at programming. but thinking about that shell project i used to run 10 years ago and thinking about doing that again for the group.

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