Introduction to the Android Malware Series - 0x00

#Introduction to the Android Malware Series - 0x00

Hey everyone and welcome to the introduction of my Android Hacking series! Nowadays, who doesn’t have a smarphone? People have their eyes fixed on their phone, what makes them vulnerable : Malware and Exploit. This series will aid you in the process of creating Malware, analysing infected devices, reverse engineering and Android Malware.

Why did you choose Android and not iOS?

Android is open source and we can easily build an emulator if we don’t have a phone with Android. I have some basic knowledge with Java and I will be more confident talking about Android than IOS

How will the series be organized?

Here is how the Series will be organized

  • Malware Making
    • How to embed a backdoor inside a legitimate app ( Metasploit )
    • How to make Android Malware from scratch with Java
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Tools and OS
    • Reverse Engineering our Malware
    • Reverse Engineering known Malware

This Malware Making Series will have “0x0x” in the title and the reverse engineering guides will have “0xFx” so you can easily search what you’re looking for

Where is the source code of the app?

I will post the source code to a github repository so that you can download the code. I hope enjoy this series!



@L3akM3-0day Such a nice idea ! Which type of malware do you planned to create ? An implementation of C&C and self-propagation system is scheduled ?



That could be an idea ! The first Tutorials will be on How to make a simple malware the tasks of the malware will be Spying, steal data , ect. I will do some research on how I can do a self-propagation system

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Will you also talk about utilizing root exploits such as towelroot?

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Yes, I will talk about utilizing root exploits. Feel free to help me if I miss something :slight_smile:

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Whoop whoop! I’m exited for this!


Can’t wait for this mate!


Is this out? I don’t see it on the repo.

So I am in a hand’s on cyber sec class this year in college and we are using seed labs to get hands on approach with the attacks we are learning and there is two labs on android so if anyone wants to look at it you can visit here:
These are really nice labs and the creator of them does a nice job of teaching background on them.

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In the future, is there a possibility that you or somebody else maybe go into… lets say, worms for android? :smile:

Not suggesting anything. Clearly.


When you will post this materials?

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This is good Idea i hope you continue

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