Introduction: Trix' With Linux 0x00


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Hello 0x00’ers! In this series I will be covering Linux, basic tips and tricks and some badass shell stuff. Linux is second nature to me, and it’s mandatory for any self respecting hacker to know Linux and how to use the Bash shell.

So before I get started, I’d love to know what you want to see first.

  • I/O Data redirection, Pipes, awk, grep
  • Networking, ifconfig, mac-spoofing, hostnames, ARP, sending files, Rsync
  • SSH, Mosh, tmux
  • Ruby, RVM (useful for Metasploit)
  • Perl, installing Perl modules.

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I am looking forward to seeing what you all think!


(Left) #2

Pipe me please! :yum:

(Security Architect & Founder) #3

Noted :slight_smile:

(Left) #4

It was hard to choose between the first two! :grin: I don’t have any clue on pipes so this will give me an intuition. :slight_smile:

(oaktree) #5

While I already know I/O redirection, I am voting for it because you should start with the basics, the most essential.


Don’t know Networking as much as I would like so a post on that would be much appreciated as well. In fact every single topic here is something of importance :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for asking anyways!

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