IP address compromised

Hi. I’m an IT graduate but little knowledge about ethical hacking. Recently my IP was compromised to an atacker. I was wondering how much data could they have stolen or gained access to. Remotely by just knowing the IP, what could they do?

They can get into your computer and steal a lot of information, and they can take control of your computer, and they can even use your computer as a springboard to attack other computers.

If you were to answer what can a criminal do with my home address?
The answer is similar to your ip address, its dependant on the set up.

If your network is correctly configured (many default modern configurations lock ports on default) they will struggle to get in, however if they have the knowledge and persistence it might be possible.

If you do have some open ports and vulnerabilities they could execute code on your machine and gain control of it whilst its connected to the network.

Alternatively, there is potential for a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, this overloads your router with packets reducing your network speeds if not completely taking you offline.

Your IP? Don’t worry. They could scan it for open ports and misaligned software but if you’re PC is set-up correctly there is no worry.

I could get IP addresses all day of servers, we need them in order for machines to talk to one another on the NET.

Whoever told you your IP was compromised is silly. If you do not have a static IP then just reboot your router. If you’re concerned. Or reset your VPN connection.

Bluffing. No one can do shit with just an ip address other than tracking it.

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Nothing. They can’t do shit. Just chillax.

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