IP Grabbing: Best Domain Names?


So This is my first post even thought= I’ve been a member since OTW fell of with null-byte:WHT. So Hi All, names is n0SiS, My question is which IP Grabber websites do you all find to have the best domain name to help with SE?


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I wouldn’t use a premade IP grabber service, I would make my own. Writing one in PHP isn’t difficult at all, and then you just embed it.


thanks, would I have to buy my own domain name for that?

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Nah. You can host it on a VPS or some other server and then make a bit.ly to it.


ok cool, thanks guys

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You don’t have to, although you can get one for social engineering purposes, or you can get a free temporary one at dot.tk

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dot.tk is malicious already.


awesome, really appreciate the advice… I got the the script kiddie shit down and I’ve passed some CEH practice tests,they seemed pretty easy though, so I’m starting to head into programming now to try and get as “1337” as possible so I’m sure your be hearing more from me, thanks again.

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In what respect? The people who use the domains, or the domain registration company itself?

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The people behind dot.tk will inject ads when you get enough hits.

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That isn’t a problem for a one off social engineering campaign. It’s better than buying a $10 domain that you only need for a week.


> In what respect? The people who use the domains, or the domain registration company itself?

RE:what do you mean? the end part I was just explaining about how deep my knowledge, that single part didn’t have to do with the Grabber stuff…what are you asking me exactly?

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He was asking me, @n0SiS


cool, my fault @oaktree, @pry0cc


Yeah, as @pry0cc said just make your own! After that you’ll not only be able to have a better understanding of how it works but you’ll be able to make more and more versions which in the long run might become better than any website or such you’ll find.


I also remember having a link to a tut on how to make your own, so I’ll dig around for it and message it to you. Good luck! :slight_smile:


@Cromical, I’m interested in making my own as well, would be great if you can forward me that how to as well :slight_smile:

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There is IP-grabbing code here.


Sure, I’ll get right to it.


Thanks a lot all, seriously appreciate it.