IRC Details - Mid 2018

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So a lot of people seem confused about where we are, let’s just go through exactly where our IRC is.

We are not on freenode anymore. We were, and then we were kindly donated a server by @L0k1

We are however at: 6697+. And cloaks are enabled by default.

If you want to access the web chat, go to

The two main channels are:

  • #0x00sec
  • #linux

If you run linux, want help with Linux, join #linux. The more people we have there the better, so we can effectively run a good channel with good support.

Same goes with #0x00sec. Our philosophy is to be welcoming and friendly, it is our chill out space, if you want to troubleshoot problems and ask questions, this is the perfect place to do it, as apposed to the website.

It will not always be busy. People have different time zones and so people join and leave at different times. If you join IRC and it seems quiet, idle for a bit or come back later. Generally you can be safest around after work hours, so 6PM UTC-0 to 11PM UTC-0. On the other side of the clock, there seems to be a lot of activity 2AM UTC-0 to 6AM UTC-0.

Another thing to note: we are not your personal tech support, we help people because we like doing it. Demanding support will not work :slight_smile:

Other channels include:

  • #suserland

This is a bit of a wildwest unofficial channel, nothing is off limits. Run by the rebellious @Suser :slight_smile:

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I think there should also be a post for how to securely connect to IRC using proxies/ToR. Just saying since cloaks don’t hide you well enough and only provide a false sense of security.


Who talk about security when using IRC? :joy:

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You can make one! Thanks for volunteering!

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Oh lordy… ok so… the only issue with that is that I’m lazy. Lets ask @suser to do it. XD

Fine… I will do it once I’m done with my ‘pentest’ so see it in like 5 months.

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