Irc-The way i did it


Hi guys

I was trying to connect to the irc channel and had a bit of trouble (im a newbie what ya expect) so i thought i would share what i did might help some one else

here gos:


open it

user Information: i filled this out

Tap add button then i typed
i then tap the edit buttuon

Servers tab:
tap add and type
Autojoin channels i added #site-feedback:announcements

Tick the following:
use ssl for all the servers on this network
use global user information

Login method:
custom…(onnect commands)

Then connect

In the chat bar add the following type this
/msg NickServ register (password gos here) no brackets either lol

You then add this in to the bar yes type it ```
/msg NickServ identify (password gos here) without the brackets

Now add this /join #0x00sec enter

If i have anything wrong pleas correct, this is the way i have got it to work

and not last or least the max respect gos to the one and only

dtm- gave up some time to help a new dumb ass nice one bro:sunglasses:

(fxbg) #2

how I did it…

sudo apt-get -y install irssi

then I

(xenial)[email protected]:/var/www/html# irssi -c

then I

/join #0x00sec 

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