Irssi (internet relay chat)

In your opinion, why do people even use irc chat? I understand the new people don’t know any better, but as someone with some experience would you recommend it as a service? Your chat(s) aren’t private, at all (not even the so called private message function). I have seen logs of the so called “Anonymous” hack group’s chat, I mean how can they not know all that stuff is stored in plain text in the server?


Legacy system that is hard to remove due to nostalgia. There are better, more secure, more private ways of group chats but nostalgia connoisseurs don’t want to hear about it.

Leave them be. If they make their decisions in life based on emotions then given enough time they will come up on a problem that they can’t solve and blame the world for it.


I like this! And fully agree.


IRC is easy to implement, maintain, work with and use. I don’t think a chat protocol, should do much more, than just specify a simple way to communicate text. Encryption, images and accounts should not be core part of your chat protocol. This doesn’t mean you can’t have images or encryption, but that this stuff should be managed externally, instead of being built-in by default. The very reason why IRC stood the test of time, is it’s simplicity.

Yes I believe this is true, because irc network are often easy to take over.

I fully agree, many other services nowadays eclipse IRC in nearly any way imaginable.

The only value and interest that there still is in using some protocol like IRC (from my POV at least) is the simplicity. No heavy Javascript ridden clients, no weird embeds/links/gifs, no other unnecessary fluff. Just, simple messaging, with any shape or size client you want.

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