Is Portspoof legit?



Pulling directly from the site:

The Portspoof program primary goal is to enhance your systems security through a set of new camouflage techniques. As a result of applying them your attackers’ port scan result will become entirely mangled and to very significant extent meaningless.

From what I can gather it makes it “harder” to determine which ports are actively open on a server.

So my question is that really effective in the real world?
I also so that it has what it calls “Exploitation Framework Frontend” but im not sure what to make of that.

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I have re-listed your post to Networking->Discussion, support posts are not shown on the front page or latest pages, also, you are not facing a problem. Support is for problems and issues, this is merely a discussion.

For portspoof? I think it would work for basic port scanners. But ones that grab banners or analyze fingerprints, I would think it wouldn’t be too effective.

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Wait what? He tried to exploit your box, and you ended up getting a shell on his box? How does this even work?


I was trying to figure out how to set that up but clearly im a n00b because I couldnt figure it out lol. Would you mind sharing how you set tht up


Thats the part about the tool that I dont get either. I tried to set that up but docs on how to do that is a bit sparse.

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