[KEYGEN] I hate rectangles


(_w) #1

…they are so edgy :thinking:

Last time I gave up too much information with the title so here we are. GL&HF :stuck_out_tongue:


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  1. Find a working key and password pair.
  2. Create a non-brute keygen.


  1. No patching allowed!


For executables use cat in | base64 -d | gunzip > a.out && chmod +x a.out, chmod is only required for linux binary.

If you need a windows binary but don’t have a linux subystem to decode it, lmk in the comments and I will provide the full executable.


If you need minimal help, use 2.

  1. .jar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9v2f9bc6wj4r001/jar.jar.gz?dl=1 just gunzip it, jdk8 required, beware of decompiling because the file is quite large
  2. .cpp: https://pastebin.com/uyRu1Zff