L3akM3-0day Is back to finish the Nebula serie and More


Wow ! I’m back here and there are some good stuff that happen ! GitLab and some great tutorial and links that I need to read !

I’m back to finish the Nebula serie and all the things I started here and bring some new Tutorial !

I’ve done some CTF and I’m still learning about Malware analysis but I will share all the tips and trick I can find !

It’s cool to be back, maybe I will come back on IRC :slight_smile:


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Oh yeah!

We need some malware analysis stuff BADLY. Might help when building STELF.



I’ll do my best, I’m still a beginner in Malware analysis. What is STELF ?

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STELF - Shell That Exercises Little Fanfare

I’m beginning to wonder if we should keep it a little more low-key since it is going to be insanely effective when it’s fully functional. When I say effective, I mean, incredibly stealthy and very resilient.

It’s becoming more than just a shell and starting to become an actual piece of malware or an advanced RAT.