[ Learn Hacking ] Where should you start?


Hello Hackers !

In this topic, I will share you some link and some tips on how to find good resources to learn “Hacking”

The first thing to do is maybe learn a programming language

I start in learning C when I was younger but I didn’t go too deep in this programming language. A good starting point could be learning basic scripting language.

With some scripting knowledge you’ll be able to make your own tools for hacking or at least understand the code of open source tools.

Now that you now some basic programming language, I suggest you to learn web hacking :

Now if you really want to go deeper in hacking, you should try to do some CTF

  • Vulnhub is a good start
  • Metasploit 2 download link Maybe I’ll do a Write up on Metasploitable 2

and you will need to understand code and binaries :

And the last resource is Google
You want to find a good pdf about python ?
type in the searchbar : intext:python filetype:pdf
you will find a lot !

If you have more information or more link you could share it !


HTS.org R1 challenge

This is exactly what we need, threads with resources and encouragement in self-research and learning.

Thanks for sharing!


Not problem :slight_smile: I’ll share all of my knowlegde with novice or great Hacker ! It’s always cool to learn new stuff or new way to hack ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wargames are also a fun way to put your newly learned skills to the test.

Right now I am on Overthewire.


Yes always good to do wargame , i’ve done overthewire too :slight_smile:


Someone should really do a comprehensive article about google dorking as it is probably one of the more useful things to know when trying to learn.


Thanks for the nice tutorial! It’s nice that you decided to include web hacking! Although I focus on computer hacking, I bet it’ll still be useful for me! :slight_smile:


I plan to do a tutorial on google dorking :slight_smile:

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A good start. I’ll add some info too :slight_smile:


Nice one. Currently trying to do a tutorial on Social Engineering.

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Can’t believe I missed this! I’m 3 days late! This is a brilliant post @L3akM3-0day ! This will be really helpful for newbies.


I planned on doing a How-to on Metasploitable 2, Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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NICE! This is absolute gold!!! I have to admit, vulnerable VMs/CTFs are something I would love to get started with. I look forward to it! :laughing:


Nice to hear that ! CTF and VM’s are cool , Hacking Challenge are good to learn hacking too ! :smile:


I am currently writing an article for newcomers. I’ll make sure to include this!


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I think it’s quite difficult for one to tell someone else which path they should choose, because there are too many programming languages, concepts and areas to cover to provide one path. My advice would be to clarify with yourself what it is you want to achieve and then learn the necessary tools and what not.

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I think Perl should be on the list of scripting languages. I think nugget would agree. :wink:


@nullbyte9955 that depends on what you want to do or what you mean by “hacking a mobile”.

You could do that even without knowing anything about a language as there are several tutorials on exactly this topic. Just create a payload with meterpreter and send it to the mobile. However, that requires interaction (some social engineering) from the owner of the phone. Then you’re able to almost control the phone from your computer/phone.

PS: Those mobile payloads are written in Java.

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