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I recently started a blog to share what I have read, performed and created to do better at hacking stuff. Currently, I have a few HackTheBox write-ups. I am looking for topics that I could expand on and share with the community. I am not promoting my blog in any way. I mean to create a platform where beginners can read (so that they do not spend unnecessary hours trying to figure out why things don’t work) and apply that knowledge in CTFs.

Please feel free to review it and let me know about any suggestions.



(Maango Taachyon) #2

I went in expecting a cringe, almost blank blog I’ve seen before. You proved me wrong it’s Well written and I like the template you chose. You asked for topics you could expand on, maybe you could talk more about CTF’s that aren’t on HTB possibly more independent research or keep expanding on the “Security Essentials” series. Thanks for posting!

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(Shreyansh Singh) #3

expecting more CTF write-ups and some more posts on the “Security Essentials” stuff. keep up the good work

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(Swapnil) #4

Glad you liked it. I am currently in the making of another “Security essentials” post featuring “basic malware analysis”.
Also, I am planning to include writeups for wizard labs and ctfs that I do online.

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(Swapnil) #5

I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks!


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Your blog looks pretty cool, however I would suggest posting some original content here too, as it can look a bit like you’re just advertising your blog.

I hope that’s not the case, and that you’ll be posting original content here too :slight_smile:



(Swapnil) #7

Hey, thanks for the reply. I just recently started the blog and I am in the making of new posts other than just hackthebox. I work full-time so with the limited time I have I try to post stuff. It could get repetitive seeing so many people posting on hackthebox walkthroughs. However, my intention is not just to post a walkthrough but explain tools and techniques I used in my “security essentials” series. Personally, I found it difficult early on trying to understand various techniques people use. I used to read a lot of blogs, forums etc. and the output of all that would not be so satisfying. That is why, I started blogging about stuff I felt people end up looking on the internet (e.g. tools like nmap, Masscan), so that a singular place could provide enough information to go on. My sole intention is to provide information.

Hope this clarifies things from my side. Thanks again for your review.

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It definitely sounds like you’re trying to get some good information out there, which is awesome. However, I don’t think @pry0cc was stating that he has an issue with your content. We would just rather you post the full content here, not just a link to your blog. Personally, I just post a small blurb on my blog and link it here (like this), but you could mirror the posts, too; post the same article here and on your blog, and have each article point to the other location.

I hope that clarifies things a bit. Welcome to 0x00sec!



Hey, a beginner here!
I read your curling walkthrough and it was a joy to read, you did a good job making that. I’ll definitely check out your other walkthroughs aswell.

However when I was reading it something confused me a bit…
Is this supposed to be empty or did you forget to add the command you typed?


(Swapnil) #10

Thanks for pointing it out. I might have missed pasting the command there. It’s updated now. Thanks a lot.


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