Limited Time Offer: Mock Interviews With Fraq

So many of us here are looking for work or interviewing for jobs. Others of us have plenty of experience interviewing or being interviewed. Let’s put those skills together and make our community better!

I’m going to lead from the front here by sharing a link where you can subscribe to my calendar and schedule a mock interview. I have limited availability and I travel a good bit, but if you see a free slot on there, it’s yours to grab! The calendar makes sure I don’t double-book or overcommit by limiting the number of appointments I can take, so don’t feel guilty.

I will sit with you for a 30 minute session and we’ll go through a mock interview where I’ll ask a handful of technical and workplace related questions and give you an opportunity to do the same. And of course, you’ll get feedback as well.

I can’t pretend to be the greatest in the world (or even an expert), but hopefully this helps you work out some of your nerves and get a practice round in before the real-deal.

How to schedule a mock interview with me

  1. Go to
  2. Pick a time slot, let me know who you are, what position you’re interviewing for, and include a link to or copy of your resume
  3. Join the #mock-interviews voice channel in the 0x00sec Discord server some time before the meeting and make sure your sound setup works.
  4. Show up and show up prepared. The better prepared you are, the more we’ll both get out of it. I’ll be preparing too.

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