LIVE NOW! hangouts + youtube

(BSD Weirdo) #1

We are live from on hangouts link is in the video, free to come join and say hi!

(BSD Weirdo) #2

and the easy hangouts link:

(fxbg) #3

mwhahah too bad my damn connection was shitty today plus work tonight kept me from hanging out. My chrome extension was making horrible feedback, etc, etc

(BSD Weirdo) #4

yeah man that was brutal lol

(BSD Weirdo) #5

Next one in a month, friday though next time :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps with some agenda of some sort lol


This looks like fun! TFTI @Sirius.
Also, what’s up with IRC?
Invitation required for #0x00sec ??


Yeah IRC hasn’t been working for me either since last week.

(fxbg) #8

There were some kiddies messing about (spamming, relentless reconnects) so it seems only useful to make it by invite only, I think it’s better. You’ll also need a voice to use #0x00sec as well I believe.

Join us in #public on the irc, you’ll see all the familiar faces, come on in

(BSD Weirdo) #9

Never fear nugget is here, due to the amount of requests will be looking at making shows weekly, that would be 3 on topic, 1 random AF :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanna join the next one and blow your minds

(707) #11

IRC is back to normal as far as I know. Please join #0x00sec at

(system) #12

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