Looked over once again

Today I was introduced to the new IT guy at my job. He seemed ok, but he took the position I applied for a couple weeks ago. I work for a vehicle plant and you don’t need to know much for the position. Hell, our last IT guy majored in film! Besides venting I ask, what can I do to secure an entry level IT position?

This isn’t a forum on employment. Even if it is IT related.

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Sorry. I was just looking for support. Spirits are down right now…

IT guys typically have the lowest level of skill. You want to seek something higher like sysadmin or network engineer.

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Go get yourself some certs… all tech companies have boners for certs, and they’re stupid easy, at least the A+, Sec+, arguably Network+ are… they’re each about $300, but are half off if you use a *.edu email to register or something. GL!



I’ve been for my Security + exam, but most forums say its worthless unless you want to get into the DoD( which I don’t ). I aspire to be a security engineer but I don’t have the experience. Where do I actually start to build a career. Like cert path with no experience…

Thanks for all the help guys. I know this may be out of place…

If you have no experience, a cert is the best place to start.