Malware Development Career

Hello guys! I am a rookie in cybersec field and I have a deep interest in Malware Development. Currently learning and progressing towards being a Penetration Tester because it seems demanding and also looks fun. But later on, I’d really like to shift into Malware Development if there’s actually a career path for that field. Can you help me with this? I’m not asking where or how to learn malware dev. I’m just asking, Where I can find jobs If I become a good malware developer? Is there a legal niche for it, or is it just an underground field?

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The most obvious that I can think of the tooling for Red Team engagements. On defense, malware analysis is also viable.


Maybe some government agencies might be interested, but you probably have to be really good.

For my site:

  1. Read Team tooling
  2. Governments
  3. Governments organisations especially military
  4. Private organizations that want to get rid of the competition
  5. You can also look for reverse engineer and malware analyst companies that develop that kind of tooling and services.

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