Malware Development (looking for a mentor, resources)

Hi all

As the title says I’m looking for a mentor/resources in malware development and malware analysis, I know there is a lot of resources out there which I can get by googling, but I was just wondering if there are any resources you guys would 100% recommend. Thanks.

Hey man how’s it going. Let me be honest I encountered this same issue as well for malware development.
Something I do recommend you take a look at is C/C++ Programming the choice is honestly up to you when looking for some basic resources I went for some Udemy courses but then also some free ones Tutorialspoint to be exact then jump on to some codeacademy but very light, also get a look at some malware development by someone in this forum

Once done, the choice of Debugger it actually comes up to you, take a look at a few and play around or mess with some tutorials and find out which one is great for you. I sometimes use WinDBG or Ghidra I am not really familiar with this area but those are usually the ones I get help with. Ad some RE well I heard IDA is great and always see it hard on twitter.

Good Luck!!

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Hey man, thanks for your reply!
Yeah I already started with C programming since I have experience with programming in C++ and python I made some programs for myself to solve some problems for myself but now I got really interested in malware analysis and malware development.
Thank you for your suggestions I will definitely check them out!
Have a good one and thanks again!

Hi guys
I’m particularly interested in writing Windows malware in C/C++. It is very important that you not only understand at least the basics of the language, but also the low level intricacies of the operating system meaning undocumented APIs, etc. To that end, I would recommend the following books (all available online):

  • Charles Petzold - Programming Windows: super old ('98) but explains the Win32 api step by step and very clearly, and this still works below even to the latest windows versions. I skipped all the obsolete GUI chapters though.
  • Windows Internals 7th ed: this edition is 2021, very good and thorough
  • Windows kernel programming: 2019, even deeper windows crap. Both these books are by Pavel Yosifovich et al., look him up he’s a very renowned expert on Windows system programming

Best of luck

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Secktor7 has cheap courses for this very topic. Force yourself to use windbg (the preview might not work on some setups), doing so will help you later on. Other people have brought it up but do some game hacking, follow some of the guides here or go to guided-hacking for material related to that. LiveOverflow has cool videos on the same topics. Then from game hacking go write your own static loaders, understand anonymous function pointers, create a dynamic reflected loader, create your own binary packer, modify UPX, write some shellcode and use Donut/Scarecrow 3.0.

Phrack, Zerosum0x0, Uniformed, Paged Out, VX-Underground, Valhalla, PoC||GTFO,

Reversing malware is the pinnacle of modern research, unless you do application security and create the 0-days. So I would recommend you follow suit.

The options are limitless when you want to do development. Just start looking shit up mang :wink:


thank you for your reply!

nice, thank you for your reply and resources I appreciate it, I would like to contact you if I have any more questions if that’s okay

The forum is a very good intro!!!

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