Malware Source Code


Contains older malware source code mostly designed to target systems such as DOS, Windows NT and Windows XP. Includes malware written in several languages such as ASM, C/C++, Perl, Python, Ruby.


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theZoo is a project created to make the possibility of malware 
analysis open and available to the public. Since we have found out that 
almost all versions of malware are very hard to come by in a way which 
will allow analysis we have decided to gather all of them for you in an 
available and safe way.
theZoo was born by Yuval tisf Nativ and is now maintained by Shahak 

theZoo is open and welcoming visitors!

Malware Sources

Gotta love theZoo so much stuff there :smiley:

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This is really cool! Thanks for the share DTM!


List of Malware Samples and Source.
That is all.

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