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I’m learning a thing or another about “man in the middle” and I can get the packages of simple sites and I saw that a lot of sites lose the HTTPS flag on my navigator but sites like GMail, Hotmail or Facebook don’t lose it and I can’t see it’s packages. So I got this question:

What other things I can do with “man in the middle”?
Can I get these site’s packages and consequently the POST request with a beautifull login and password?


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You can do a bit with mitmf, and HSTS bypass, although you’ll struggle to MITM sites like Google.

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I was thinking about DNS poison to make requests made for Google came to me. Don’t know how to do it or if it’s possible yet, but if I do I’ll post it here. kkk


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HSTS will stop that. That is one of the problems. You also have an issue with DNS cache.

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So thanks anyway, bro. I’ll move on to another technique and continue my tests. I saw that “man in the middle” is not the tipe of attack that will face a proper https protection. I’ll continue my tests with that social engineering attacks with the hook.js.


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