Mining over WiFi


I am new here, not even sure if I chose the right category for my question. If not sorry about that.

Since CoinHive is gone, I was thinking about the idea not even sure if it will work so I wanted ask you guys about it. What do you think ? Is it possible ?

Theoretically if I had Raspberry Pi 3 + with possibility of using data sim card with long range WiFi antenna. I might release in urban area free WiFi signal. But during the moment while people are using my WiFi they will mine crypto for me…

There are few services almost like this - coinimp, cryptoloot etc… but they are working like … insert javascript code into your web site … but I want insert code into WiFi hotspot. Using my WiFi will generate crypto.

So what do you think ? Will it work ?

Hi @D4r10n,

That does make any sense. How would you force clients to mine by joining your access point? The only viable option would be to hook clients’ requests with a framework like beef in order to inject malicious Javascript payload whose aim would be to mine for you without the users’ knowledge.

I hope you will find this comment helpful.



Hi Nitrax,

Thank you for your response on my topic. Theoretically, I would count on a human stupidity because people are stupid there are ofcourse exceptions.
I was wondering about Coffee Miner which was actually good one but since coinhive is dead, there are problems to find right answers for this question about crypto. We are still talking about educational and theoretical knowledge. If you had this device which giving free WiFi. What would you do ? Monitoring traffic by using man in the middle and then injection of malicious JavaScript.
It’s hard to make malicious software, to make this sentence understand- able - avoid antivirus software.

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