Mr Robot - My First CTF


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To the surprise of probably many, to this day I had never properly attempted a CTF in the red team sense of the word. I had dabbled with little Reverse Engineering challenges and Crackme’s posted on the site. But I had never downloaded a VM with a vulnerable machine.

I started my CTF adventure with this box. I struggled initially but @L0k1 was there to help me through it.

I would recommend this to any new-comers to CTF’s, that might be uncertain about them. Give it a go! And let me know how it went!,151/


I found the first flag and tried to find second for some time. I got access to WP panel but then I got mad since I couldn’t find the second flag and closed it. I’m planning to try it again later.

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PHP Shell…


Any good source for PHP shells?


You can found a bunch of webshells on Kali under the /usr/share folder

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