Mr Robot Season3 ARG (Alternate Reality Game)

The above link is to a huge write-up for the Mr Robot Season 3 ARG - A friend of mine who’s on the forum suggested I post this as people here might enjoy it.

TL:DR - Repo containing ARG sites, easter eggs, solves, and information found in each Mr robot season 3 episode.

Starting with Season 2 Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail, and producer Kor Adana (and others I’m failing to credit) came up with an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to run alongside the show. You may know that Mr Robot episodes usually contain a wealth of computer security nods and easter eggs. What you may not know is that starting in season 2 every URL and IP address seen in the episodes went to an actual site. That site could usually be interacted with, and it went even deeper in that there would be hidden things inside the hidden sites. Going even one step further, all the hidden hidden stuff was connected. In addition to that, sometimes stuff in each episode points to hints that can be used to ‘solve’ certain sites. How deep does this rabbit hole go? Funny because Alice in Wonderland quotes are one of the themes of season 3.

Gosh sorry that took a lot to explain, anyways to keep the rest of this short, if you’re at all interested in ARGs (as they are often like mini CTFs) I have provided a link to a huge write up of what’s currently happening with the season 3 ARG.

Please be aware that the ARG write-up contains a ton of visual spoilers (screenshots from each episode), I’ve done my best to avoid telling any of the story and stuck to just ARG/Possible ARG elements. A Huge Huge mention has to go out to a reddit group called ARGSociety, whom are responsible for a ton of the solves and work extremely hard to do so. They typically have an episodes easter eggs detailed and cracked within a day or two of an episode airing. However many are still unsolved, and many pieces of information have no tangible link … yet.

Last year it took until May (this year) for the final piece to be solved. If that hasn’t whetted your appetite by now how about this. Season 3 ARG was also organsied by 1057 - that’s ‘lost’ whom creates the Defcon badge challenges. So buckle up.

This repo is meant to be for everyone, people who don’t know what an ARG is and want to learn, people who just have an interest in Mr Robot, people wanting to flex a few CTF skills, or anyone curious really. It stands as a central source for information.

This repo is still a work in progress.

Please note that if you’re going to take part, there are no hardcore ctf/hacking challenges involved, you wont need to scan sites, or rev eng anything, but some of the puzzles will seriously tease your brain - prime example would be the base64 file found on a site, that everyone tried to decode but really there was a Rail fence cipher hidden in it.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

EDIT : Just to ask if anyone if heading to CCC this year (2017) and fancies grabbing a beer let me know, I’ll be running around doing the ‘There is no game’ game.


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