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Hey mates, Sea here. My mentor has brought up the suggestion that I take MTA Networking (Despite it being over a year since I’ve even done anything remotely related to networking).

Do you have any networking resources on hand? I have a pdf book and will be getting another one soon. I also have a few CCNA prep sites to look at but I’m not sure how useful they will be.

From what I can tell, I’ll have to re-memorize the 801 standard speeds, colors for crossthrough cables, and study topology (Which I still remember fairly well.)

After I take the Certification I’ll write some tips on it.

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I have a couple good networking pdf’s. As well as a couple friends who work in IT. Do you want specific sources? I’d be glad to give any to you.

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@Cromical That would be most helpful.

Great. :smile: Do you want anything on a specific topic, or from a specific source? Or will you just be willing to accept anything networking that I have?

Anything mate. I can pass most of the ports but the L2D protocols and whatnot is brand new to me.

Perfect :smile: . I’ll look around and give you all my resources, as well as ones for the subjects you included above (topology, or 801 standard speeds for example). If it’s a small amount I’ll just post 'em here, but if it’s big I’ll make a new topic so everyone can have access to it.

Alright so these are all the ones just from the top of my head, if you want more please feel free to ask:


This is social networking :laughing:
The others are awesome though, thank you!

Oh lol. Sorry 'bout that :blush:

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