Multithreaded Remote Backup Scanner



Hello all,

I am looking for feedback on my backup finding tool.

What is it and what does it do?
It’s a Python script that utilizes requests and multiprocessing to concurrently scan a remote file to find a backup of it, given URLs.

How does it do it?
On a more detailed level, it takes any amount of URLs and then parses them to break them into pieces: The subdomain and domain is the first piece, then the path, then the file, then the file extension. So would be broken up into, /var/, example, and .php. From there it creates a process for each URL and uses its dictionary of extensions and name versions to test nearly 2500 possible backups of the given file. e.g., if exists, it will find it. It then displays the results.

How fast is it?
This is something I am working on, because it takes 8 minutes. Not 8 minutes per URL, just 8 minutes flat because of the multiprocessing.

Where is it?

What Python version is it?
I wrote it 2.7, but tjcater made a port to 3.something.something.

Feel free to ask questions or give comments/suggestions.


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