My life is being controlled and wasted in this fraud university

I’m wasting my life in a fraud university. I can’t get out of it cause my parents are idiots who love forceing their stuff on other people just anyone experienced with it tell me how to get out of this situation I’m ready to do the hardwork whenever I’ll get the time .


You seem to be facing a social engineering challenge, with a first step being the need to acquire an empathic and detailed understanding of the motivations and perspectives of your targets. “my parents are idiots” is not a starting point that is conducive to success.

You also seem to be facing the same challenge everyone faces, which is carving out time from each day to pursue your dreams. “I’m ready to do the hard work”? ready? So there is not even one hour a day you can devote to developing your skills? Really?

You will die. It is important to understand that. Today is not coming back. Start today or don’t, but that hour you waste on insta today, you will never get back again, ever. Just start today with one hour devoted to your goal. Make yourself proud.

Good luck!


yes, man! You made a very good point here! @Deltaeus


the way you get out of it is to stop sucking on the tit. cut yourself off from getting free shit from your parents and then they have no strings.

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Hey man,
Life’s too short too waste fulfilling anybody else’s dreams, and not your own. A someone said above, death is coming. When it’s time to go, how will you feel knowing you were not true to yourself?
Best of luck

Thank you for this response I found it applicable and motivating

I’d suggest to find an online resource such as: and start working it. Best way to go about the fraud university is to first understand your parents point of forcing you and social engineering them out of their point. After that you’d be free. I would go homeless if it is really that bad but that’s your last option but still a valid one. Really the key here is to set your mind free nonmatter the situation you’re physically in.

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Just curious, why do you call talking social engineering?

What do you mean? If they do not want to let you quit or go study what you want ypu clearly cannot just talk to them and instead manipulate them into doing it.

damn love the way you plotted it.

I love the way to put it Daltaeus, no pun intended, you’re right life is short and if you don’t pursue what you want while you still have the time then your just some meat bag stuck in this system of sheeple. I’m glad I found this forum because I feel like learning how to become a programmer and hacker is too tough and tie consuming. at times I feel like it’s too much, but like you said dedicate at least 1 hour a day towards achieving your goal, that’s exactly what I do. I take a small slot of time and either try and practice on a VM or read books that are relevant to what I want to achieve…

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