My life is being controlled and wasted in this fraud university

I’m wasting my life in a fraud university. I can’t get out of it cause my parents are idiots who love forceing their stuff on other people just anyone experienced with it tell me how to get out of this situation I’m ready to do the hardwork whenever I’ll get the time .


You seem to be facing a social engineering challenge, with a first step being the need to acquire an empathic and detailed understanding of the motivations and perspectives of your targets. “my parents are idiots” is not a starting point that is conducive to success.

You also seem to be facing the same challenge everyone faces, which is carving out time from each day to pursue your dreams. “I’m ready to do the hard work”? ready? So there is not even one hour a day you can devote to developing your skills? Really?

You will die. It is important to understand that. Today is not coming back. Start today or don’t, but that hour you waste on insta today, you will never get back again, ever. Just start today with one hour devoted to your goal. Make yourself proud.

Good luck!


yes, man! You made a very good point here! @Deltaeus

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