NahamsecCon hosted on Twitch

Nahamsec started hosting a CTF this morning and started hosting speakers on twitch. Please stop by for a good time :slight_smile:

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I’m really excited to watch the replays for this! I’ve largely missed it since I’ve been busy with other things. I am for sure excited for Jason Haddix’s Bug Hunter Methodology #4!


@bitk_ mentioned your axiom framework in the closing bits of his talk, The pwning machine, an easy to setup pwning station.

Overall I really love the CTF so far. It is scaled very well and with only about 3k or so participants there haven’t really been any crashes or hiccups outside of a couple challenge restarts. I for one at the moment am no guru in CTF’s, in fact I am slowly accumulating more completed challenges at every CTF I participate in, but I definitely think that everyone at Nahamsec put a lot of effort and love into this event.

I look forward for more from them. (and I’m looking forward to defcon safe mode too)

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Wow! Would you be able to let me know some more information about what he was talking about?

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I really enjoyed this con! I missed some talks :frowning: but I did get to catch Haddix’s Methodology talk, which was awesome! Learned a lot!

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Are there any recordings of the con?

Don’t know about recordings yet, but here you can find the slides

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Nahamsec said that he would release them on YouTube some-time in the near future.


You can currently watch it on Naham’s Twitch channel.

Day 1:
Day 2:

@pry0cc: axiom is mentioned in day 1, at 3h31m.


Here are the recordings on his YT channel: Nahamsec

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Thanks for sharing.

You too @c0z!

Any other comments on this thread before we close it?

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