Needs More Categories


The site as of now is pretty unorganized and I get it, it’s still relatively new however, I would highly suggest more subcategories to group related topics together so that they don’t get dumped into an unorganized random mess. It’ll also make it easier and much more efficient to search through specific topics for those who specialize or have a query.

Some examples:
Hacking -> Beginners entirely dedicated to newcomers with questions on starting out, etc.
Hacking -> CTFs
Hacking -> CTFs -> Assembler
Hacking -> CTFs -> C/C++
Hacking -> CTFs -> Linux
Hacking -> CTFs -> Web
Hacking -> Cryptology
Hacking -> Malware
Hacking -> Penetration Testing
Hacking -> Reverse Engineering
Hacking -> Shellcode
Hacking -> Web

Computer Science -> Cryptology
Computer Science -> Databases
Computer Science -> Networking
Computer Science -> Programming -> Assembler
Computer Science -> Programming -> C/C++
Computer Science -> Programming -> C#
Computer Science -> Programming -> Java
Computer Science -> Programming -> Python

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While I do agree that we need more categories (which I will make) I don’t agree that we need to differentiate between languages for programming, and between types for CTFs. There is such a thing as being too explicit, and that can actually end up making things more untidy. Thanks for the suggestion! I will take it on board :slight_smile:



As someone who does C and Assembler, I’d rather not waste my time and effort sifting through C# or Python posts. It makes it much less appealing finding needles in haystacks where there is an uneven distribution of popularity.



I feel like you don’t need both of these one is probably enough:

Hacking -> Cryptology
Computer Science -> Cryptology

I know what dtm is saying for programming but what about going for somewhere down the middle like:

Computer Science -> Programming -> Assembler/C/C++
Computer Science -> Programming -> Java/C#
Computer Science -> Programming -> Python

So there is some separation but not that much


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How about 3 categories in programming, Scripting (tools in Python, Perl, Ruby and Bash etc), Low Level (C and ASM) and Web (PHP + JS + Rails) ?

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That seems like an even better way than what i was suggesting



Sounds good. At least there’s less clutter.



Just a suggestion, but a nice big Recon section under hacking could be good, maybe even sections on the different general phases of a hack… and a spot for cheatsheets on the site would be nice too, though perhaps that’s ‘Sea of Knowledge’ territory?