Netflix CURL PHP Problem

Hey guys first of all thank you for everybody thats reading this and trying to help me.So now for my Question.I started learning PHP recently and im really enjoying it finally i wanted to learn to Program for so long but now im sticking with it.So this is like the first “Project” i really wanted to do no example from my Book or whatver.I coded a Script that automaticly logs me in to Netflix with CURL and so far everything works fine but im facing a Problem now.I noticed after 5 or 6 Login Attempts im getting this “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.” Error Whenever im trying to login again.Im getting this for about 5 Minutes or so then i can try to login again.Changing the IP wont get rid of this so im guessing it has something to do with the Browser itself deleting the cookies helps somewhat but not all the time which is strange anybody has a clue how they detect that? maybe they use some javascript or something any help is appreciate it

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