New FAQ and regarding trivial/short forum posts

:hash: Announcement

Recently, there has been a large influx of new forum threads consisting of trivial questions that have either been answered multiple times on the forum or on our Discord. These posts are just not fit for the forum in its current form. We, the Moderators will actively unlist any new threads of that kind popping up. If you’re still not content with the present answers provided on a repeating topic on here, feel free to engage in a healthy and civilized discussion about it on our Discord. Chances of you getting a fitting reply in a more timely manner there are way higher anyway :wink: .

For all the basic needs, here is a non-exhaustive FAQ that may get extended over time.

:hash: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. :record_button: What is 0x00sec?

    • :fast_forward: 0x00sec is an online community focused on all things’ cybersecurity with the goal to always keep learning and share newly gained knowledge in the form of forum posts.
  2. :record_button: Who is part of 0x00sec?

    • :fast_forward: The community ranges from students, people switching their careers to seasoned cybersecurity professionals.
  3. :record_button: Why do you write these lengthy forum articles???

    • :fast_forward: Sharing is caring :hearts:!
  4. :record_button: How to get started with information security?

    4.1. :fast_forward: Short Answer → Check one of the awesome hacking lists to get an overview!

    4.2. :fast_forward: Long Answer → Ask yourself what area you want to excel in. When you found it, always keep pushing forward by reading, tinkering and, trying out new ideas!

  5. :record_button: How do I choose the right thing to learn?

  6. :record_button: How do I even start mastering any of that?

  7. :record_button: What if I still have questions this FAQ does not answer?

    • :fast_forward: Feel free to message any of the staff team on the forum or twitter, or participate in all the daily discussions on our Discord :smile:

:hash: What about my research?

Nevertheless, we would love to see your research in the form of an article right here on the forum! Before doing so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • :fast_forward: Will this be helpful to users other than me?
  • :fast_forward: Is this, to my best ability, clear, readable and understandable?
  • :fast_forward: Would I publish this in a magazine?
  • :fast_forward: If this is a question, would this be better suited for PM or Discord?

Articles generated by ChatGPT will be deleted. If you have an idea for an article, at least put some effort to it :wink: