New Things to 0x00sec! (Patreon & Stickers)

Hi 0x00’ers!

I hope you’re having a great week! Over the past few months, we’ve added a few things that have been mostly common knowledge to VIP’s and other people in the inner community, but I wanted to make a quick update post so that everybody is on the same page.


One new thing we’ve added is stickers, if you don’t know already, we do have official clothing/swag, which can be found at, something we do now recently have is stickers!

Check out the link below if you want some.


In order to make supporting the community easier, we have also created a community Patreon. Our running costs are mostly fulfilled by generous financial supporters like @anon3236228 and kind sponsors like, however, it does cost us when we arrange events like the CTF’s and we are always trying to make our remuneration for community member’s hard work, better and more generous.

All funds from the Patreon will go to buying things for the community, running costs, and CTF prizes. We will not ever pocket money donated to the community, and will always ensure that 0x00sec is ad-free and free to use forever.

We will never take money in order to elevate one’s position in the community, and so if you do donate don’t expect any special treatment. A core philosophy at 0x00sec is one of merit, and receiving money in order to elevate somebody would not align with that at all.

If you just want to support us from just 1 dollar a month, the entire community thanks you hugely! If you just want to consume and lurk, then that is also completely okay! Think of the great things we could do if everybody gave just a dollar a month, we’d be able to send people to conferences, sponsor projects, support developers and so much more!

Thank you 0x00sec :slight_smile: Happy hacking!


I was looking for your guys patreon the other day, odd that it shows it’s face now. incoming patron.



People keep asking for stickers, and it’s right here.

So I’m pinning it for a little while :smiley:

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can also vouch for the hoodie, super comfy and damn nice!

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I hadn’t realised you had a swag store! Time to get a few things :wink:


Oh man yes!

I wear mine nearly everyday come winter in the UK.

So damn comfy and thick. And I get to rep the brand :smiley: I’m actually wearing my 0x00sec tee right now too. They fit me really well :smiley:

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They’re from redbubble - so USA.

We’ve considered buying them in bulk from Stickermule and then selling on Shopify or something. It would require manual shipping but it might make sense. I’ll see what I can do.

@pry0cc, Got any hats/hoodies by any chance?

Hey what server you got on discord? I have been on tele to long and really tired of same ol thing… I connected the a server not long ago but went to a server ran by Reid… not a bad guy or nothing but still… anyway… if I ain’t here Im on github or docker or something… thanks

no delivery to Russia :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m sure we can get something sorted out for you.

What were you trying to order? (Dm if you would like).