Noob question on TOR

I always have associated Tor with Http/Https requests and responses. Is there a way to take advantage of Tor for none web based activity? For example If I want to use a tool such as nmap or some other socket tool, can you still use Tor?

I am looking at ways to improve my anonymity. I hear that using both Tor and VPN is one way of doing so.
But I want to be able to perform other activities than web based interrogations?

Reading the Tor site just references the use of the Tor Browser.



Tor is a socks proxy.

So it lets you tunnel all kinds of traffic (except ICMP), over tor.

You can nmap, metasploit, gobuster, or any number of things by using proxychains.

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cool pry0cc, thanks I have an article on my desktop on chaining proxies in kali. Next article I was going to read.

Tor does not support UDP, only TCP (and indirecty, DNS).

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