OccupytheWeb Update

First, I want to congratulate you on a great site! Looks terrific and its good to see some familiar faces (?) here. I’ve missed you all!

Second, I did launch a certificate website at www.white-hat-hacker.com. This is only for certifications. I am still working on a site with tutorials et al for our community.

Third, I don’t believe that my site will compete with this one. I believe we can complement each other and cooperate.

Fourth, I own the copyright to all my materials. Although WHT tried to get me to sign over the copyright, I refused. If you did not sign over the copyright to your material on WHT, you own yours as well.

Fifth, WHT does own a license to my material and to yours, but it is not exclusive so you can take it anywhere you please. You can republish it here or any site.

Sixth, readership at WHT is dropping sharply. That means less revenue. I would not be surprised to see them close up shop within the year. They were already cash strapped and this drop off in readership may push them over the edge. I tell you this not out of malice (well, maybe a little), but rather that you should make certain you have a copy of your material before it disappears. I am.

Seventh, I am still working on my new site. I had attempted to negotiate a contract with an existing site, but they would not give us control. As a result, I am starting my own site. I hope to launch it within a week or two.

Eighth, I can be reached at [email protected] or follow me on twitter at occupytheweb@three_cube

Finally, I am hoping we can maintain this wonderful community of hackers and coders. There is no reason to choose one web site over another. We can cooperate and collaborate together.



Glad to have you on here!

And yes, having a cooperation between 0x00sec and your site would be ideal! That is why I will make separate series on each site respectively.

After all, we are one community.



I look forward to the future. Things are about to get real good :slight_smile: real fast.

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It is really awesome this community sticks together! At first I was a bit afraid that after the WHT debacle everything would fall apart, but it’s not, and this is simply great.

This proves that this community is not just a little community, it becomes unique, it becomes a family :slight_smile:

Furthermore I can really recommend OTWs certifications, I already passed the CWA and it’s totally worth it!


good to have you here OTW.

Has it landed you a job anywhere?

Greetings. About time. Glad you came to clear the rumors up and stop my moot comments. #WaterUnderaBridge

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@zSec, I forgot to congratulate you on Twitter when OTW announced this. Congratulations on passing, I do hope it helps you secure work.


@ghost Thanks! It helps me a lot. I’m still a beginner when it comes to hacking but I’m really interested and want to learn more about it. Further I’d like to get a job in the Pentesting or IT Forensic field. But since I don’t have that much experience yet I will have to learn a lot.
With some luck my company will pay for the CEH certification, even though I heared that certificate isn’t that great. Probably because it’s only theoretically and mostly based for the OS Windows.
But if I have the opportunity to do this certification, I will probably try to do it.

Nice to see you here mate. Glad to see you joined. I’m sure a collaboration between both communities would help a lot of people, and I hope you have a great site. Of course I’m going to stay at 0x00sec which is in my opinion one of the best places for IT, and computer based knowledge on the web. However if you’d ever need any help getting your site started off feel free to ask.

I also want to congratulate you my fellow hacker!

Thank you! I’m already looking forward to the next stage :slight_smile:

You should indeed, hacking is fun!