Official 0x00sec Clothing. Hoodies and T-Shirts anyone?


(Burning away in an Explosion) #27

Not the best argument for buying in summer :wink:

But defenitly good idea (perhaps because I had it too)

(Command-Line Ninja) #28

It doesn’t stay summer forever :wink: Also, there are t shirts.


Global Warming disagrees with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Austin) #30

Just picked up a nice shirt will defiantly be picking up a hoodie soonn :grin:

(Command-Line Ninja) #33


Are stickers available?
What’s the cost?

(Command-Line Ninja) #35

No. Not yet :wink:

Stay tuned…


+1 for stickers.
Zipper hoodies are also all I wear. Because hacker.


Two questions about the swag. First, can you get polo shirts with the logo on it? My company has a dress code, so T-shirts aren’t allowed, but I’d still love to show some love at work. Second, if you can get polos, could you do a poll/survey to see if anyone else would buy them? I’d hate for you to do a special order just for me.


The first link seems broken, perhaps should be pointing to the one below instead?

(Command-Line Ninja) #40

Thanks! I fixed it :slight_smile:


Turned out there is no shipment to Russia :cry:


I’ll ship it to you if you buy it and send it to me.

(707) #43

I’ve decided to get a hoodie for myself once I get paid, but before that, I want to make sure it is secure.


–Techno Forg–

(irsi) #44

Love it! Gonna need one once I get paid…