Official 0x00sec Clothing. Hoodies and T-Shirts anyone?

Hoodies are cool. 0x00sec is cool. You know what is even cooler?

0x00sec Hoodies.

We get it, you’re a badass, and you love hacking + computers. But you would look even more badass with one of these bad boys.

Do you want something more understated? Okay. We gotcha.

Do you want a hoodie with a zip? Okay, you Aussie.

We got you covered too

Do you want something light?


Got a dog?

Check it!



Okay, I’m not gonna mess you around here. They are expensive.

Premium T-Shirts are $23.50 each, and the Premium Hoodies are almost $50. These are 80/20 blends (80% cotton, 20% polyester).

There are cheaper versions however, the ordinary t-shirts are $18.49, and the ordinary hoodies are $35. They use a ‘rougher’ material which is 50/50 blend. In the clothing world, more cotton usually == softer.


Say hello to the new shop at

This is Win-Win. You buy one of these, you look boss, you’re warm, you get to show off your affiliation with the coolest up and coming Security network yet, and you also help support 0x00sec too; so everybody can continue learning and sharing for free.

I can’t wait to start seeing these littered around at DEFCON :stuck_out_tongue:

- pry0cc on behalf of :wink:

Keep nullin’


Keeping this post open for promo codes :wink: Check back soon!


Just bought a hoodie and some buttons!

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Post a picture when you get it!

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Are we really going to use the cringy “swag” name?

on-topic: do the dog accessories come in border collie size (medium size)?


Make a suggestion and we can change it.

How about “style”? Or is that actually worse?

Btw did I mention that the buttons look like they come straight out of Watch Dogs 2? Look at Marcus’ bag. I could see some 0x00sec buttons attached to his bag too.


Oh no. Are you comparing 0x00sec to DedSec?

Unrelated note, it is mad that they think that Marcus can do parkour with all that kit, and a laptop bag. Mate try running with a laptop bag, it will not stay on your back.


Ofcourse it is not realistic. But tell me in all honesty: does it really need to be? I play games to do things that I can’t do in real life, not a “daily life simulator”. Realism has to make way for great entertainment (and Watch Dogs 2 was fun as hell to play). And I am perfectly fine with the hacking being unrealistic as well as the parkour, as long as it entertains :smiley:

I mean, Ubisoft never claimed Watch Dogs 2 was realistic.

And no, DedSec =/= 0x00sec, but we do share common goals with this fictional hacker group.


cant be a hackr without a black hoodie so definitely getting one of those :sunglasses:


I completely get your point. It is fun as hell, it’s entertainment, that is it’s point.

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Those buttons look damn nice, gonna buy them very soon so I can chain-mail my bags in button-armor.

Speaking of watchdogs, to this day I still love the bayer matrix dithering style and recreated some of its style myself.


I love this glitch style too.

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I am very interested in having one of those Sweatshirts, but there is shipment problem

Can you please expand? Is shipping not available in your country?

I’m usually traveling six days a week.
So, being in a place and have no shipment problem is a bit hard for me

Get it delivered at a friend or relative’s address and pick it up there?

Maybe he’s a ghost hacker which has to travel around the world for disguising his location :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LoL, Maybe I am Wandering Soul :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good idea,
Or maybe next time I was in the US, I take that myself