OSINT - Lamprey

Hello everyone.

I was doing some volunteer work recently and there was a situation which involved performing a rather large number of Google searches for cross-referencing purposes and potential leak identification. The concept of performing >20k queries manually didn’t appeal.

I’ve created a small tool (Lamprey) to do the heavy lifting for me. Takes in N lists of queries, performs a combinatorial expansion and outputs a summary and the top 10 results for any matching hits. The outputs are in .csv so it can be analysed further in other programs.

However, one thing I wanted to point out the community towards is that Google offers US$300 in credit with their platform. I’ve written a document on how to set up a Custom Search Engine in the project’s wiki, which you can leverage for other projects. It’s just a JSON API, so once it is set up it is quite straightforward to use.

GPL as usual, source’s here: https://gitlab.com/hostile.node/lamprey

Hopefully of use to someone.

- hostile.node


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