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Hey guys!

This is a quick tutorial how to get your Shodan API Key to use the Shodan NSE Script.
Already @pry0cc created a topic which shows you the usage of this script.

First things first, you have to create a shodan account for this.
Just visit the registration site of shodan and create a account.
Link: https://account.shodan.io/register

After entering your parameters you have to activate your account by clicking on the link from the received email.

The next step is to login and you will see your API key on the main page.

That’s all.

Have fun. Enumeration is the key!


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I need to do a writeup on the lair framework and the shodan drone drone-shodan, it’s amazing.

You give it an IP range, and then it will passively scan it with shodan, and then put it into the framework to be sorted and examined; along with banners.


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Just curious, is it really needed a topic for this? I would think most people here could handle that.

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It was a request from @pry0cc in his topic. You’re right. The most of the people could handle that. But it’s also important to show the real beginners how to get it.

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So basically @pry0cc was necrobumping? lolololol…

Anyways, I believe it’s a great topic since all communities are built upon n00bs. That’s my two sense. :slight_smile:


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