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What’s up boys & girls?

Before we enter the world of pentesting, first of all we have to prepare for that. It’s important to know how to learn. The reason for this is the quantity of the information you will collect and you have to work with. Furthermore it’s important to structure your thoughts, notes and information you will collect.

So, what I will talk about in this topic?


  1. Documentation
  2. Learning

1. Documentation

What is a documentation?

Documentation is a material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record.

In this section I won’t tell you how to document. You have to found it out by your own.
Every documentation is different. It depends on the

  • methodology you are using,
  • on your strengths,
  • and your weak points
  • and on how you are thinking.

For this reason it would be wrong if I would tell you how you have to document all of your stuff.

What I have to document?

Everything & Nothing.
Sounds weird, doesn’t it? In a minute you will understand what I mean.

After asking a lot of people how I have to document, all of them told me:

You have to document everything !!!

But what is everything?
Every step? - Yes & No.
Every command? - Yes & No.
Every I/O? - Yes & No.

Here is an example:
You are penetrating a machine. You are experimenting some things. Does your boss like to see all of the things you tried? Than you have to document it.
Does your boss like to see only the vulnerable things? Than there is no needs to document it (for the official report). Do you need it for your own notes? Than Yes. If don’t, don’t waste your time.

Find out what you need, what you can’t remember because it’s something new or you don’t understand yet. Create a structure how you will document the things. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work from the beginning. It’s a process you have to learn. As better your document will become the more effectively you will be able to learn.

But how can I learn it effectively?

2. Learning

Here I have to repeat myself. You have to find it out by your own.
But to give you some advice watch the Learn everything in 20 hours video from YouTube by Josh Kaufman.
He explains it very well.
Further there exists a lot of learning methodologies you can use.
Search for them, test the different methodologies and find out what’s the best for you.

There exists passive and active learning.

Source: https://www.slideshare.net/zprazan/active-learning-methods-in-higher-education-compatibility-mode-41342513

This picture describes it very well how you have to learn to be efficient.

Search for all the things you are interested in. Take your time. Understand how your brain is working.
After that you will be able to learn much effectively than before.

Have a nice day & keep calm!



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Good post. I’m gonna teach my first programming class in 2 days and I’m a little nervous, this gives me a few ideas of the approach I’m gonna take for teaching in a efficient way!!!



Seems like a great start for a new interesting series, keep it up!