Poll: Articles on Phones/Telephony


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I didn’t do a ton of phreaking, but I do know my fair share about POTS telephony from my days in the Air Force. Would articles on analog phones and switches interest you?

  • H*cking yes it would
  • Nah, I’m okay without it

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I’d actually really like to see a generalized phone hacking section with everything for old touch-tone phone phreaking to Android / iPhone rooting and hacking.


Yeah, I feel like Android and IOS exploitation and reverse engineering is a seldom talked about topic considering most people keep their entire lives on these devices, couple that with the fact it has a GPS and you are talking about basically getting inside that person’s mind, seeing what they see /powertrip.

In all seriousness, I have some PDFs I could share and some other sites that would be helpful for people wanting to learn more about this.

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This would be really interesting! That’s something I would definitely read.

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I can write some android tutorials if i find some spare time.

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Hello can u please send me some PDF,links about android operating system and how to exploit ?

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