[Poll] C# Reversing Series


(The C# Dude) #1

Hey mates!

After I’ve thought about some new parts of my C# Reverse Engineering series, I came to the point about the right balance between theory and practice. Because I don’t know what you want I thought of just asking you :slight_smile:.

  • I prefer a more challenge-like structure
  • I prefer a more theoretical structure

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Thanks for all who participate!


(pico) #2

Actually I prefer a mix, but I know that is double work for you!

In any flavour you decide, just keep it up!

(The C# Dude) #3

Okay, I’ll try to do my best :wink:. Probably I’ll support the use as a challenge but focus on the theory.

(Burning away in an Explosion) #4

Well in my oppinion it’s better to have more theory, because I read the arcticles often with my mobilephone. But I also think you can do each 3 articles 1 practise article. In this case you get and practise your knowledge better :wink:

But like @0x00pf said: Do it like you want to do as long you do it.

  • DerFloink