Poster: Doug Lea's malloc() cheatsheet

Hey there! First post, finally! :smiley:

First of all, thanks to “W” (calling him W just in case he doesn’t want his ‘name’ revealed) and to Leeky for the help! My poster looked like a mess before they helped me <333

I was studying Doug Lea’s malloc() vulnerability and, to keep track of some concepts, I wrote them down and ended up with tables and flowcharts.
Seeing it was pretty helpful to me and also kinda cute, I redid it in a poster format to put it up so I can remember that stuff.

I’m sharing the pic I did with you so maybe it’s useful in case you are learning about dlmalloc, you want to or simply because you like it (hopefully!).

Adding a link to a tweet I made with an image in PNG format: Just in case you’re feeling like giving me love today.
Also, it’s in my tweet too but adding it here. My blog post about it with the image in GIF format: There are a tad more of details there, like references and stuff.

If you happen to find some concept that’s wrong, please send me a message and let me know so I can edit! Thanks a lot :relaxed:HeapOverflow


Awesome poster, thanks for sharing it! :smiley:

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Ah thanks Leeky :blush:

Even with a flow chart, very cool. I will check out your web site for the article.


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Here is a bit more detailed flowchart:
Although I’m pretty sure it’s a bit outdated (no tcache here iirc).

PS: I’m not the author, just sharing a link.


holy crap lol, that would have been useful

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Great work! I love it :wink:

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