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Note: I am not suggesting this as replacement of your Linux shell, simply for learning purposes without having to boot into Windows, another tool in your belt. Here is an article by OTW on the subject of Powershell

So, Microsoft went to bed and bumped their head and now Powershell is open-source, and available on Linux. Powershell is like an improved, more powerful cmd.exe, which took a lot of inspiration from Linux, and if it’s worth knowing your Windows cmd line, it’s definitely worth knowing Powershell. It’s one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get some amount of practice with for the longest time, but just never seemed to hang around Windows long enough after closing Steam. But now, none of that matters! Here’s how to install Powershell on your Linux, as it’s a worthwhile thing to at least be familiar with Powershell. For example, if you’ve just penetrated your way onto a Windows box, well, it’s rather obvious why knowing your Powershell would come in handy… If you’re thinking, “Power who?”, then stop thinking, and go google it :grinning: Powershell also has an integrated scripting environment(ISE).

Main info on installation for different platforms aswell as links to tutorials etc. appears to be here.

I’ll leave you to read the above articles, and check out their links. But here’s how I installed it on my Lubuntu 16.04:

  1. Downloaded the 16.04 .deb file from here:
    -> Direct link to Ubuntu 16.04 file

  2. Downloaded these packages like so:
    sudo apt-get install libunwind8 libicu55

  3. Installed the .deb file
    sudo dpkg -i powershell_6.0.0-alpha.9-1ubuntu1.16.04.1_amd64.deb

  4. That was it. Bringing up a terminal and typing powershell worked straight away.


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Nice very informational post! :slight_smile: Maybe this should also go under the news category, because it is sort of?


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It’s cool, but I can’t find any compelling reason to use it instead of bash/perl/ruby/python?



Thanks for sharing the news mate!



True that. :slight_smile:



Oh hell no, I wasn’t meaning to suggest that. Just for learning purposes, to have another tool in the belt :slight_smile: (added link to an article (on Nb…) by OTW on powershell)



Very interesting indeed, though I doubt anybody would use it for serious linux work.



True, like I mention in the post, this would be mainly so you can learn to use powershell commands without having to boot into Windows, as opposed to actually using it instead of a linux shell.


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