Problem with airmon-ng

Hello guys :slight_smile: so recently i tried something with airmon-ng but whenever i run it i got "Cannot access /sys/class/ieee80211/’ " : No such file or directory

Things i tried

  • apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

  • apt-get install linux-headers-uname -r

  • apt-get install synaptic -y

  • Reboot

The result from iwconfig is

  • lo no wireless extensions.

  • eth0 no wireless extensions.

Any advices ? :slight_smile:

Well look who’s back!

First things first: are you running from outside a VM and is your wifi chipset supported by aircrack?


Are you sure the drivers are installed correctly?

I did a 2ms google research and I found this thread It might help.

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Spoderman pls.

Well he is right too, but be sure to check if your wifi chip is compatible too @spylegion.


Are you using an external adapter or internal one? Most of the time internal adapter (the one which comes along built-in) don’t support airmon.


Seems i have to get external adapter, because kali does not support my current one, and yes Phoenix i’m using VM :slight_smile: Anyway thanks a lot for everyone who respond to this thread <3

VM, also known as Virtual Machine, doesn’t have access to your NIC directly.
You will need an external WLAN adapter and support for USB in the VM.