Profile Pictures and other resources seem to be broken

Hey all, sorry for my absence!

It’s great to see that this community is still up and running! The nostalgia rush I’ve gotten from reading through some old and new posts on here last night was intense! :smiley:

I’ve noticed that some resources in old posts and profiles don’t display photos anymore. I’ve attempted to attach screenshots to this post however, when doing so I got a popup saying “access denied”. Is there a problem with the service being used to store the uploaded images? Why are some pictures not affected by this? And most importantly, how can I help?

Thanks for your time!


This might be a dumb suggestion but due to the fact that pictures are usually used for illustration purposes and sometimes to show snippets of code, it might be a good idea to temporarily remove the option to insert or upload images to try to help convince everyone on this site to post code snippets in text instead!

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Hey man - we had a huge issue with a discourse bug that wiped out a bunch of images in our bucket a few months ago - sadly we lost them :frowning:

There are still a few bigger projects we have outstanding that will include a full server migration and we will iron out a lot of the other image bugs there. I’m not happy about it - but as a team of volunteers with little bandwidth we’re trying our best.

I know this isn’t the best answer to hear, but we have a plan to fix the remaining little bugs and we’re fully aware.

Thanks man!

Hey there, sorry to hear about the bug!

I’m currently stretched a little thin with work ramping up and uni starting soon but if there’s something I can help with, I’m just a message (or email, email’s probably quicker) away!

Good luck!

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