Programming Challenge - #4?


Hello, I am back with another fun and quick little challenge for you programming enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge and love toying with some fun exercises. The below program I wrote in java but I would love to see it in other languages as well! Good luck and have fun!!!
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Design a Java program using arrays and methods that reads standard student grades as a number from 0 to 100 for two 2 exams and 3 assignments in your “CIA” class(I’m a terrible joker… 0.0).

1)_Ask the user for the number of students and then request the numeric scored for the exams and assignments for each student. You may use a general number like 1 or 2 etc. to identify students.
2)_For the output, show the average grade for each student as a percent value of all exams and assignments and the equivalent letter grade.

                                   Good Luck!

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