Pros and Cons of Black Arch

Okay, so I’ve tried out BlackArch, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)

1.) A great amount of tools come out of box
2.) BlackArch is designed for the pros in mind
3.) Menus are accessed by right clicking, and the menu system is called fluxbox
4.) Nice, red theme
5.) Theme can be changed with ease
6.) Doesn’t need a GPU to run but requires one for it’s GPU attacks (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)
7.) Very very minimalistic
8.) Menus are easy to understand and organized very well

1.) Not recommended for the NewB
2.) Kind of difficult to get used to if you’re used to other distros
3.) Takes time to configure the various settings such as networking, users and such.
4.) Extensive knowledge of linux is preferred

DISCLAIMER ~I am the original author of this article that was taken off of a different website.


Very Nice! I like this kind of thing, It would be nice to see more like this! Good man! May I suggest putting it in the Linux category?

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Thank you! Ahh will-do!

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