Pros and Cons of Bug Traq 2

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Okay, so I’ve tried out BugTraq 2, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)

1.) A great amount of tools come out of box
2.) Black Widow is designed for the pros and newbies alike
3.) Has icons for every application!
4.) Has a cool startup sound
5.) Both Debian and Ubuntu downloads from the BugTraq website. (also available in OpenSuse)
6.) Doesn’t need a GPU to run but requires one for it’s GPU attacks (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)
7.) Just as minimalistic as Kali linux
8.) Menus are easy to understand and organized very well
9.) Basically a more organized, re-textured version of Kali Linux

1.) Needs better repositories because not everything is in the bugtraq Repos. (to fix it, simply add Kali Linux repos)
2.) Out of box default username is not the regular Username:“root”, Password:“toor”. It is “bugtraq”, “123456”

All in all, I like the UI of BugTraq, but I prefer the features of Kali Linux more.

DISCLAIMER!! ~ I am the original writer of this article, taken from a different website.


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You haven’t updated the Nb article to include the 0x00sec link.


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I don’t have access to that account anymore.


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