Pros and Cons of Cybork Hawk

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Okay, so I’ve tried out Cyborg, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)


  1. Many, many, many tools. not just hacking, but also security and mobile tools as well. (Far more than Kali)
  2. Can change the desktop environment at will, through a GUI. (say you don’t like ubuntu env., well, you can switch to debian or something other than that with a few clicks of a mouse)
  3. Comes with Snort. (I know that this is a big want/must have for practicing and such)
  4. Comes with Dradis, GPsd, HTTP, Metasploit, Mysql, Networking, Postgresql, Snort, SSH, Tor, and Xplico (all under the services)
  5. It’s got this cube desktop thingy which is called compiz (it’s quite interesting and can be enabled or disabled) (disabled by default)
  6. And there’s quite a lot more programs/tools (1000+ I believe)
  7. Pretty wallpaper


  1. Definitely not minimalistic.
  2. Doesn’t preform well on older systems (cant put it on my Dell Inspiron 600m)
  3. Somewhat gpu intensive (runs perfect on my gaming pc with my pitiful GPU Nvidia 610 though)

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I really like this entire pro/con pentesting OS series you set up! :slight_smile: Although wouldn’t a normal Linux distro like Debian function just as well as Kali (I know Kali is based off of Debian) or any other pentestings OSes? I’ve had the chance to play around with ParrotSec OS which is great, although I always find myself using Lubuntu instead of it in the long run.


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