Pros and Cons of Parrot

Okay, so I’ve tried out Parrot, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)

1.) A great amount of tools come pre-installed, and there are thousands
more to download in their repositories should you have need to download
one of them. (need a tool, i.e. snort, then just do “apt-get install
snort” and you’re good to go)
2.) The theme of Parrot is sleek, and easy to navigate. Perfect for a hacking NewB
3.) Has everything right where you need it. The menus are beautifully Organized. Absolutely wonderfully so.
4.) Widgets are very handy and easy to read
5.) I love the color scheme for everything
6.) Doesn’t even need a GPU to run! (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)
7.) Comes with anonymization services you can enable with one mouse click. (anon surf)

1.) Must download important tools (such as snort) from repositories
2.)Not minimalistic out of box, although that can be changed with a few GUI tweaks and a different wallpaper.
3.) Out of Box desktop is somewhat cluttered with shortcuts. (6 to be precise)

This OS is my preferred Hacking Operating System.

DISCLAIMER ~I am the original writer of this article which was taken off of a different website.


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