Pros and Cons of Tails

Okay, so I’ve tried out Tails, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it) This Pro-Con article will be slightly different form my previous ones and geared more toward the software it contains, as I am not comparing Tails to anything.

This is not a hacking/pentesting distribution. It as an anonymization distro meant for people who wish to stay completely anonymous while browsing the web. This OS is meant to
be ran live on a Flash drive with persistence. You cannot (should not)
install it as a dual boot or primary OS.

1.) Can start browsing anonymously right out of the box
2.) Gives you a safe place to store your passwords
3.) Packaged with the TOR Browser Bundle
4.) Packaged with the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet for your BC needs while browsing the darknet anonymously
5.) Packaged with Pidgin IM
6.) Packaged with Gobby Collab. Editor
8.) Packaged with LibreOffice
10) Packaged with Poedit
11) Various media applications
12) Packaged with a tool dubbed MAT (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit) You
give it a picture via GUI and it will strip the metadata for you.
13) Packaged with the OpenPGP encryption applet (you will find the applet
in the upper right-hand corner next to your battery monitor)
14) Very very very easy to use. (a small child could figure it out)

1.) Must be used as a live boot OS
2.) A flash drive could be easily misplaced
3.) ToR has been compromised for awhile

WARNINGS DO NOT, by any means enable FLASH or JAVA because those add ons are VERY vulnerable to revealing your true identity!!!

All in all, if it helps you feel safe while browsing the web, then by all means use it. However, keep in mind that ToR has been compromised.

DISCLAIMER!! ~I am the original author of this article, taken from a different website.


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Interesting article, however, a few questions crossed my mind during my reading.

Could you be more explicit ? For which reasons this system cannot be safely used as primary OS ?

To continue with, do tails developer’s stated somewhere which kind of modification have been done to ensure anonymity and confidentiality to their users ?


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Tails is built to wipe it’s own tracks, making it nearly undetectable. You shouldn’t use it as a primary OS because of the way it’s been built, which revolves around maximizing your anonymity. On the other hand, if you know what you’re doing, and feel comfortable enough, I don’t see why not.

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@Merozey Thanks for your input, you comforted me on my thought. Cheers

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